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Why Cloudby General Ledger Solution

Automate your journal entries into General Ledgers, letting you generate Trial Balance, Profit Loss, Balance Sheet instantly.

Cloudby is more than just a glorified spreadsheet, it gives you access to power tools to help you work faster and smarter.

Finance Module

Whats so Special?

Interactive Drill-down Explorer

The crux of accounting is to examine what has occurred within an account. With a single click, you can drill down into ledger posting, split transactions, and journal entry details!

Reporting with Draft Entries

Want to see what impact your transactions will have before they are finalized? Then keep your entries in draft status because all reports have a checkbox that allows you to include or exclude drafts.

Attach Reference Documents

Have you ever wished you could attach reference documents to your entries? Just drag a file and drop it into your journal. Once it’s uploaded, you can view the file directly without needing to download it.

Import from Excel files

So you’re a spreadsheet fanatic? Don’t worry! You can still do journal data entry in spreadsheet, and then easily import into the system for report generation.

Becoming Highly Productive

Done Faster

Get more work done faster and smarter way, no need to duplicate rows and formulas anymore. Let the purpose-built application automates and take care of double entry, and get instantaneous reporting.

Accounting for Success

Accounting systems always produce a perfect trial balance. There are tools to help you with analysis and uncover insights about how best to optimize your finances.

Work Smarter

Cloudby is quick to set up and easy to use. It gives you the ability to easily reference documents and preview outcome of many scenarios, so that your time is freed up for more important tasks.

Cloudby helps you be 10x more productive than before

With our General Ledger System, you’ll never have to deal with messy worksheets again. See how much easier it makes your job!

We are Cloudby. We systematically digitize small businesses using our powerful business suite, to help them become more organised and operate more efficiently.

Cloudby Business Suites is a collection of applications that work together to help businesses be more successful. Our modules consist of Finance, Orders, Payroll, Retail, Inventory Production, Fixed Assets and more.

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  • 50 Ledger Accounts
  • 20 Journal Entryper month
  • 20 GB of Storage Space
  • 3 Users


Journal Entry is Simple, Quick and Easy

The ledger code is suggested as you type, and the instant validation of debit and credit balances ensures that your transactions are always correct.

It’s designed to help you rapidly enter rows of transactions without switching back and forth with your mouse.

Save Remarks and Attach References

You can save internal notes to keep track of additional information.
Attach any files with a simple drag and drop, then view the files without downloading.

Instantaneous Reporting

You can choose any date, and then view the period in yearly, quarterly or monthly increments. And you’ll get your report instantly.
You can also choose whether to include or exclude draft transactions with the checkbox.

Deep Dive with Interactive Ledger Explorer

Just click on the accounts, and you’ll be drilling down into the ledgers and see the transaction details along with sub-ledgers, and source documents.

Getting Started in 20 minutes or less