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The first step of a buyer order is to request a quotation. This document specifies the item’s price and the payment term of the intended order.


An order confirms the buyer purchase order with the detailed specification of the item purchases, along with the delivery date, address and payment terms.

As for order fulfilment, this document is used to manage deliverables allocations, and arrange for delivery and invoicing.


An invoice is a document that states the amount owed by the customer to the seller. it includes the goods or services purchased and their price.

This document is typically handled by finance bookkeepers for payment collection.


The delivery order document schedules delivery to be made to the customer, it contains a delivery date, address and the details of each item for delivery.

This document is typically handled by the logistic team after goods have been allocated to the order.

Your business is growing, but the time you spend on paperwork is preventing you from focusing on improving products and services.

Cloudby is an organized, integrated approach to help you manage your sales order process from start to finish. It keeps you updated on the progress and tracks what’s going on with your orders in one place.

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Product Catalog

The Product Database is where you keep all of your products, categories, and other information you use to sell items. It includes product descriptions, photos, and additional tax information and can be categorized.

Product Types


Products that can be physically delivered to the customer


Services types are activities that are rendered to customers


Fees types are charged to the customer that does not require a line entry in the delivery order.

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Customer Database

Strong customer relationships are formed by staying in touch with individual contacts, and keeping closely in touch from time to time.

The customer database keeps all the contact information for your customers to let you keep in touch with them and track their previous activity.

It comes with tools to see what products are popular among customers, and how best to follow up or send marketing materials.

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Animation of Sale Report Query


Sales reporting helps you understand where your business is succeeding and where it’s failing so that you can make the right moves towards success.

Powerful Query

Sales reports query tools help you view and sort data without sacrificing ease of use. Queries can be previewed for accuracy as you structure them.

Export Formats

You can export generated results to PDF files that can then be printed or shared with others. Xlsx spreadsheets are available and compatible for the pivot table function

The All-In-One Business Portal!

The days bogged down by the sheer load of paper works are over. Access the invoicing platform from the cloud, anytime and anywhere.

In just three minutes, you can create a quote for a new customer. Just click once to generate statements for an existing one.

Dashboard of Sales

Realtime and up-to-date

With all aspects of the business handled through the system, there is always a current and up-to-date record. Glancing at the dashboard tells you which invoices are past due, which orders have been processed and which quotes need follow-up.

animation of pdf files dragged into attachment controls

Keep the source document with you

Reference files can be scanned and attached directly to the invoice document using with drag and drop feature. Then you can view various file formats without having to download them.

Why Cloudby Invoicing Solution

Cloudby Invoicing Solution is the most effective way to get rid of your hassle tracking payments and all other paper works. You can save time and scale up your business quickly.

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  • 50 Quotations / month
  • 20 Invoices/ month
  • 20 Products
  • 500 Customer Accounts
  • 2 Price books
  • 500 MB of Storage Space
  • 3 Users


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  • 50 Quotations /month
  • 50 Invoices/month
  • 250 Products
  • 500 Customer Accounts
  • 5 Price books
  • 1 GB of Storage Space
  • 10 Users

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  • 250 Quotations / month
  • 250 Invoices/ month
  • 1,000 Products
  • 1,000 Customers
  • 20 Price books
  • 5 GB of Storage Space
  • 20 Users

RM 60.00/month

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We systematically digitize small businesses using our powerful business suite, to help them become more organised and operate more efficiently.

Cloudby Business Suites is a collection of applications that work together to help businesses be more successful. Our modules consist of Finance, Orders, Payroll, Retail, Inventory Production, Fixed Assets and more.