System Demonstration

Experience the power of our Business Suite firsthand by selecting a sample organisation below. Dive into the demo and explore the various modules and function configurations tailored to each industry specific needs. Discover how Cloudby can revolutionize your business operations and enhance productivity.

Graphic Designer

PixelCraft design studio is a two users organisation who provides graphic design related services to marketing agencies or direct brand companies.

Behind the brand is operated by a designer and an assistant to manage the invoices, customer information, and full-set accounting.

Photography Studio

Vision Photography Studio is a highly creative individuals providing still visual production services to marketing agencies and direct brand companies.

The studio uses Cloudby in handling sales, production, finance, payroll, and administrative tasks. Collaborating seamlessly to achieve smooth operations and deliver results to clients on time.

Staff doing pick and packing in warehouse

E-commerce Store

Immerse yourself in the world of e-commerce with our Business Suites demo tailored for an online store.

Explore features such as inventory management, order processing, customer relationship management, marketing campaigns, and more.

Witness how Cloudby streamlines your e-commerce operations and boosts customer satisfaction.

Furniture Workshop

Enter the world of furniture craftsmanship with our Business Suites demo designed for furniture businesses and workshops.

Explore features customized to meet the unique needs of your workshop, such as inventory management, production tracking, order processing, customization options, resource allocation, and sales management.

Experience how Cloudby streamlines your furniture production workflows, enhances collaboration among teams, and helps you deliver exceptional craftsmanship to your customers.

Computer & Electronic Repair

Step into the world of computer and electronic repair with our Business Suites demo designed for tech repair shops and spare parts retailers.

Explore features tailored to meet the unique needs of your business, such as repair ticket management, spare parts inventory tracking, customer communication, billing and invoicing, service scheduling, and warranty management.

Experience how Cloudby simplifies your repair processes, enhances customer satisfaction, and helps you deliver top-notch tech solutions.

Healthcare Clinic

Step into the shoes of a healthcare clinic with our Business Suites demo designed for medical professionals.

Discover features like appointment scheduling, patient records management, electronic health records, billing, and insurance claim processing.

Experience how Cloudby simplifies healthcare administration and improves patient care.