Cloudby Invoicing & Accounting System

Cloudby is an easy-to-use, cloud-based sales & accounting system, taking care of your business backend.

With Cloudby, you can easily create quotation to your customers, track payments, run your business anytime, anywhere – all done without the manual filing processes.

Sales Module

  • Create Quotation
  • Manages Orders
  • Allocate Fulfillment
  • Issue Delivery Orders
  • Issue Invoices
  • Customer Contacts
  • Customer Pricebook

Accounting Module

  • Accrual Accounting System
  • Interactive General Ledgers
  • Post Journal Entries
  • Payables & Receivables
  • Bill Payments
  • Powerful Reporting
  • Process Claims

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Not to worry if this is the first time using a cloud-based system. An interactive guided tour is provided to help you along the way.

How Does Cloudby Level Up Your Business

Work Everywhere Under the Cloud

Run your business from anywhere, anytime with no string attached, no software to install, no storage device to carry around! Just log-in and run your business with your colleagues. Yes! Cloudby makes it easier to delegate tasks to your colleagues to follow up.

Powerful Sales Order Management

Customer orders with progressive payments or multiple deliveries can lead to complication if not tracked properly.

Cloudby sales order management keeps track of customer requirements and delivery progress. Invoices can be issued progressively either in parallel with delivery or any arbitrary amount.

Furthermore, any changes towards an order can also be appended using the Change Order feature, allowing you to make adjustment conveniently.

Attach Everything in Digital Copy

You can attach any file to any business document, and conveniently look up to the original file. Cloudby’s file attachment widget comes with the quick preview function that lets you view file contents without the need of downloading.

Financial Report Package for Tax Filing

Financial report package is a convenient tool to let you export a self-contained package for the auditor. The package includes complete ledgers in importable CSV format, together with all the scanned documents neatly grouped into folders.

User-Centric Design & Interface

User productivity and experience are Cloudby’s priority. Our front-end is lightweight, fast, and made with custom controls.

Cloudby user interface design is intuitive, easy to use and straightforward. Screen real-estate is neatly organised to be informative. Every dropdown box is searchable, you will never have to remember codes!

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Upload your business to Cloudby and spend more time growing your business

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