Invoicing and Bookkeeping

As a small business owner, focusing on your day-to-day operation is crucial for your business. However, keeping finances well booked is an essential component of a strong business foundation.

Cloudby provides you with the necessary tools to help you create professional invoices, track your payment receivables and issue bill payments. Cloudby automatically populates all business transactions in real-time without needing you to have any accounting skills.

A wide variety of reports are available for you at your fingertips. You can generate customer statements, ageing reports, income & expenses, profit loss, trial balance in real-time, giving you a live snapshot of your financial positions.

Cloudby Finance

Cloudby is built with cloud technology, accessible using web browsers from anywhere, without needing any software installations. With a multi-user & multi-organisation environment, you can work on multiple businesses on the same platform, meanwhile effortlessly delegate your tasks to subordinates.

Invite your accountant to perform the year-end closing on the Cloudby platform. With all the records being always up-to-date, it is easy to prepare the financial report.

Adding Bank Account

Adding Sales Product

Setting Up

The setup is straightforward, start by setting up your cash and bank accounts, and then set up all the products you are selling. You can further customise advanced settings such as document serial numbering or the invoice document design using Document Template Editor.

Creating Invoice

Creating an invoice is as easy as picking items off the menu. You begin by selecting or creating a new customer on the fly, then select the ordered item into each line item. Entering the product code will load the product description, price, taxes according to the customer assigned price book. You can adjust the quantity, discounts and override the price, and the invoice will recalculate for the new subtotal.

New invoices are in created draft mode. Later, when you have confirmed the invoice status, the dashboard will begin to track your payment receivables according to the due date.

Receiving Payments

When a customer makes a payment, the invoice can be knocked off partially or completely. Cloudby payment engine also allows you to combine multiple invoices and payment sources into a single transaction.
For example, payment can be made with customer checks, charging deposits, and contra against credit notes.

Every document in Cloudby allows you to attach referencing document. Take a photo of the customer payment slips, drag and drop as many references files you need for future reference.

Creating Sales Invoice

Downloading Invoice PDF

Knocking off Invoices

Dashboard of Sales

Creating Bills & Expenses

Bill Expenses

Bill expense is a simplified process of registering assorted expenses & clears payment within a single document. Much like creating an invoice, you begin by selecting the vendor, then enter the line item details. Select the payment method and details, and then finally mark the bill as pending or paid.

The bill expense is designed to let you make duplicate copies easily for subsequent recurring bill payments. Should your payment involves a processing fee, you can enter the amount into the transaction fee section.


Cloudby provides you with powerful reporting tools at your fingertips. Get in-depth insights into your business with sales analysis and sales matrix. Use customer ageing report to manage customer debt level, issue statements to your customer periodically to keep them up to date.

The reporting queries let you conveniently filter, group, sort and customised with a great degree of flexibility. Export your result to printer-friendly PDF or XLSX format. If you are a power user with spreadsheet mastery, take advantage of the pivot table compatible format.

Stays up to date on your current financial position Make an excellent business decision with profit & loss, balance sheets report.

Interactive Profit & Loss Explorer

Interactive Balance Sheet Explorer

Trial Balance Report

Sales Invoice Report

Customer Statement


Let Cloudby makes real-time accounting entry possible,
While you can stay focus on growing your business.