Cloudby Core Function

The Core Module is the heart of Cloudby Business Suite. It’s responsible for managing all of the basic functions of your organization, such as user accounts, storage space, and billing.

User Management
User management is the process of managing users and their accounts. This includes viewing the profile, assigning it to user groups and defining permission within a user group.

User management works by invitation model. You can invite new users to your account by sending them an invitation to join your account. Once they accept, they will be added as a member of your account.

Subscription Billing
Subscription and Billing is a self-managed module for subscribing to services, upgrading or downgrading them, and making payments.

Internal Notes
Internal notes are a common feature that can be found in every document. They are there to allow users to leave internal notes and remarks for further actions. This enables teams to work together and communicate within the system easier.

File Attachment
File attachment is a feature that lets you store documents as easily as drag and drop, and it supports up to very large files.

This is like the internal notes feature, which allows reference documents to be shared across team within the context of the document. This helps the team collaborate more effectively across departments.

Document preview is generated for each file uploaded, so it can read them without having to download them.

Data Porting
The porting function is a system to handles data import and export. It operates with xlsx files, which are compatible with spreadsheet apps that are great for bulk data manipulations.

The export function allows users to perform filters and queries for the desired data. A template and a sample are provided along with the export function, providing assistance to users as they prepare to import new data.

The import function works on a review-then-commit paradigm, where users first export the data in xlsx format, and then make the bulk changes to it.

Once a user has made changes to an xlsx file and uploaded it, they will be able to review the changes through the import function and then confirm their changes upon a satisfactory review.

Printing Template
The printable PDF document template is a powerful Wysiwyg editor that allows the user to customize PDF design for their use.

The editor is easy to use with the drag and drop designer, robust and flexible in that it supports different paper sizes, spacing, margins, alignment, colours, and many more.

It also comes with a preview function, so users can load in sample data to get an idea of how their output should look.

Document Overrider
Document Overrider is a tool that allows a super administrator to make correctional changes safely to any document that has already been confirmed and finalized. This is especially useful for documents that contain errors, which may not be discovered until after they have been finalized.

Document Serials
The function Document Serial lets you freely customize auto-number format with a multitude of options. The document serial can have prefixes, and suffixes, and supports linear numeric, linear alphabets, date, and even randomised alphanumeric number formats.

Unit of Measurement
The UOM feature allows the system to configure with a custom unit of measurement for inventory use. The unit of measurement can also be set up to convert across different unit categories, such as volume to weight.

The system supports per inventory unit conversion, for example being able to convert the number of products that can fit into a carton, whereby carton capacity varies greatly between different products.

Advanced use of UOM allows customers to make purchases in different units than the base inventory unit. This flexibility reduces errors that may occur during information handover and greatly improves the working experience.

The director registry allows users to create profiles for directors, manage their access and loan accounts, and use their names inside financial reports.

The Location table contains data about each location that is used throughout the system.

Process & Lifecycle

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