Inventory Module

Inventory module helps businesses to manage their stock and inventory effectively by providing real-time visibility, streamlining item tracking, managing warehouse and storage locations, and tracking components and materials needed for production.

Stock Tracking

Efficiently track and manage their stock in real-time and provides accurate records of quantities, location, and attributes, updates stock movement automatically via other modules. It also allows for manual adjustments to ensure accurate record keeping.

Properties & Attributes

Track additional properties and attributes of your inventory items such as serial numbers, batch numbers, and expiry dates. Easily identify and locate specific items, monitor their expiry dates, and manage the inventory of items lot with the same properties or attributes.


Streamlines organization and tracking of inventory across different warehouse locations, managing the movement of items between bins, staging areas and loading bay. Includes receiving goods, putting away in assigned bins, fulfilling orders by picking and packing items.

Bill of materials

Responsible for tracking and managing the components and materials required for production. Maintain a detailed breakdown of the sub-assemblies, parts, and materials required, allowing easy calculation of dependency tree and lead times for each components.

Optionally for simple operations, you may perform assemble or disassemble without the need of Production Module.