Full Set Accounting

The Complete Solution for Bookkeeping, Taxation, and Financial Reporting

Stay ahead of your finances with comprehensive accounting tools

One powerful and complete solution that manages bookkeeping, taxes, and financial reporting in real-time.


Accounting entries are processed automatically and accessible through the cloud.

All Accounting information is centralized and in real-time. No more distracting side tracking of information.

Financial analysts are now able to generate comprehensive reports and daily snapshots for making business decisions.

Flexibility and easily export transactions and reports in well loved Xlsx file format, for further analysis.

    Getting Started

    Simply sign up for a free trial and you’ll have access to all of the features. Our user-friendly interface and step-by-step guidance make it easy for you to get up and running quickly.

    Here’s what you can expect when you get started with Cloudby Business Suite:

    Set up your user account

    To get started, simply sign up for a free trial account.

    Select Solution

    Simply select the solution that best fits your business requirements. With multiple solutions to choose from, you'll be able to find the one that's right for you.

    Fill up your Organization Details

    This information will be used throughout the system and will ensure that your reports and invoices are properly branded and containing the correct information.

    Setting up Modules

    Proceed to setup your selected modules, Such as financial Accounts, chart of accounts, serial numbers, data importing.

    Good to go

    If you need help at any time, our support team is here to assist you.

    So why wait? Sign up for a free trial today and see the benefits of Cloudby Business Suite for yourself! With our easy-to-use interface, you’ll be up and running in no time.

    Free Trial
    RM 35.00/mo
    RM 140.00/mo
    RM 70.00/mo
    RM 280.00/mo
    Users Limit31020
    Chart of Accounts Limit50200500
    Cash Bank Accounts Limit31020
    Journal Entries Monthly20/mo50/mo100/mo
    Receivables Monthly20/mo100/mo500/mo
    Bills Monthly20/mo50/mo250/mo
    Quotations Monthly10/mo50/mo250/mo
    Invoices Monthly10/mo50/mo250/mo
    Products Limit202501,000
    Customer Companies Limit505001,000
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    Cloudby & Team

    We systematically digitize small businesses using our powerful business suite, to help them become more organised and operate more efficiently.

    Cloudby Business Suites is a collection of applications that work together to help businesses be more successful. Our modules consist of Finance, Orders, Payroll, Retail, Inventory Production, Fixed Assets and more.